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Aireloom Hybrid Bamboo Pillow Top Mattress

For over 10 years, today's conventional mattresses pillowtop, eurotop, etc. have been made the same. They can talk about this spring or that material but the reality is they are all made the same way.

All except Aireloom. ONLY Aireloom and E. S. Kluft have actually achieved a truly better way to build a mattress. With an awarded U. S. patent for mattress design, E. S. Kluft (and Aireloom) is the only manufacturer to achieve this new standard in mattress design. IT TOTALLY CHANGES THE WAY A LUXURY MATTRESS IS CRAFTED! The result is: the mattress is allowed to function properly ( adapt and react as needed ) AND the body is allowed to RELAX . Thus, a restful, healthier sleep.

Here at Beds Etc., we carry a wide selection of Aireloom mattresses because of the quality of materials and manufacturing. We are proud to carry a mufacturer with such innovations and reliability.

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